About Lightworker

About Lightworker

Lightworker: The true healers

 Light is the most essential element in eviction of darkness.

What we understand by light? Of course there are scientific definitions about light, but when it comes to spirituality, there is no such powerful element such as light, and to define it in few words is not justice to the concept.

In fact this whole universe is revolving around light. Sun, Earth, Planets our Solar System, Galaxies, Everything in this system and around  involves light and is evolved from light.

Now when we look at this from the spiritual prospective, every human being on this sublunary world has light within them. It’s there in everyone irrespective of Race, Nationality, and Status.

Somehow most of us fail to understand this fact, as we are so immersed in this mediocre life, day and night and running in this race unaware of its finishing line and reward.

But the ones who identified this potential of light and realized the strength they have in themselves, are helping this mankind and doing a great favor on us, most of the time without even getting noticed, they are ‘Lightworkers-The true healers’


What is the meaning of Lightworker?

A person who can see the divine light within and in others. Who can find out positivity in negative situations, Who is self motivated and building the path of light and helping others to walk on that for achieving the peace, joy in life.

One who is making this world a better place irrespective of difficulties or chaos they faced, and trying to help anyone and everyone who needs it. “The soul, who is helping you to heal your soul, is a Lightworker”.

Origin and Concept:

Lightworker is basically a soul, everyone here is a soul, and we have a history of our long journeys, past of our soul. Before the mankind, before this Earth or before anything that we see now around us.

Souls are eternal, just like light. We have no idea about our soul’s journey and what all we have been doing. We think more of this suit what we are wearing aka human body. But our subconscious mind surely knows its secret way to introduce us to the phenomenons like Sixth sense, Third eye, Kundalini, or say power of light, or healing.

From ages our ancestors were aware about this and they helped people around them in any way possible, mankind was always benefited when they conjoined with each other and helped each other for a good cause and betterment.

Who is a Lightworker? Are there any traits?

The traits can vary person to person ,but there are few common strings among all the Lightworkers and in few cases they are prominent.

At very early stage of life, most of Lightworkers face so many problems and chaos on various fronts, which sometimes makes them feel alone and may be isolated.

That’s how they develop this love and empathy towards others because they know the pain and suffering. How it is to face such situations alone. May be that’s the reason these beautiful human beings, want to help others in any possible way they can, to save them from damage.

We should not label them as just empaths; they are genuine at heart and got generous soul that automatically makes them feel everything around them so deeply.

They have this immense sense of honour and respect for people around them and for life too. Their understanding about how precious life is can mesmerize us.

One more very important thing about them is, optimism, they know how to see the good in bad. Whenever they go they spread such positivity that people always want to spend some time with them. ‘They are healers for body, mind and soul.’

How can one be benefited with this concept?

‘To recognize darkness one should know what is light’. It’s simple , for getting out of trouble or solving  a problem we first need to identify that we are in trouble or facing a problem, then only we can create a path which can lead us from darkness towards the light and can help us climb the stairs of happiness and peace one by one. Lightworkers are of immense help to us in this process.

It’s more than beneficial when you understand what is a Lightworker and how vast the subject is. Because whatever may be your problem, or whatever you are going through in your life or what you have gone through in past ,all the things that are affecting you mentally, physically or emotionally can be healed and your soul can be rejuvenated with this kind of special healing.